John Macone

Marion Macone
Marion Loomer Macone
John Macone
John Macone

John and his biplane
John on Furlough
John on furlough

Courting Marion
John courting Marion Loomer

Marion Loomer Meets Sgt. John C. Macone.

Marion’s mother died when she was 10, leaving her to tend after her father, sister, and four brothers.  She had to quit school and sought employment with the Blue En Company at Concord Junction.  Later, after her engagement to John, she put herself through Leslie College and earned top honors.  The president of Leslie offered her a position of executive secretary of the college.  She declined and chose marriage to John – an option she never regretted.

Marion the Flapper
Marion the flapper

Marion and Chrysler

By the looks of this early Chrysler Roadster with its attached spot-light, etc, it may have been one of the many fast cars launched from Concord to Canada and other hunting grounds in the North.

John Macone Family
John Macone family at Lowell Road 1959. 
Top row left to right: John Bott, John Macone, John Senior, and Alessandro.
Bottom row: Marianna Bott, Shirley Macone, Michael Macone, Marion, Peter Macone, Margot Macone, and not visible but in utero are John Bott, Kimberly Macone, and John Alan Macone.
In front: Donna, Atlan (The family dogs were always included in our photographs). 
The paintings in the background were by Marion, who was a skilled artist. 
Kali's father

Alessandro's Father John (AKA “cap”)

John and Johnny play for Marion’s 75th.

Two John C. Macones

John C. Macone

Sergeant John C. Macone

Peter and John
Captains Lillibeck, Blair, Callahan and Macone prepare to fly the Catalina (PBY) out of St. Vincent. John is in the foreground.









Margot Bemis Macone

Dad, Margot
John Macone Sr. with Margot and their dogs, Donna and Atlan.  My, how they loved their dogs!

Margot and Johnny
Margot and Johnny on their wedding day, Nashawtuc Hill, 1953.  Raccoon Coats, confetti, and many happy days.

Margot and “Cap” (John Macone Sr.) inspeMargot and Capcting a local dog at Urbana, Illinois, 1953, where Margot and Johnny were stationed with the U.S. Air Force.  Sandy and his dad had stopped in from a tour of the Plymouth plant in Detroit.

Margot and Sandy as they prepare to sail away on yacht “Cirrus”, High Head, Blue Hill Maine, 1953.  Sandy is saying “Hi! I’m the boy.”

Dusie and Pete
Posing on Nana’s couch, John and Margot’s sons, Dusie and Pete, look skyward – a foretelling of the days that they too would take to wings like their grandfathers and parents; Dusie as a soar-plane pilot, and Peter as a commercial pilot.

A pastels portrait of Margot
Brooklin, ME – Margaret (Margot) Bemis Case of Staunton, VA and Brooklin, ME died August 5th at High Head, her summer residence.  Margot was born October 8th, 1930 in Boston, MA to Alan C. and Mary C. Bemis.  She is survived by her husband, Philip D. Case of Staunton, VA, her sons, Peter Macone and his wife Nancy Drucker of Underhill, VT and John (Duz) Macone and his wife, Elizabeth of Brooklin, ME; her step-daughters, Leslie Case and her partner, Jane Levine of New York City, and Lori Case of Tampa, FL;  her grandchildren, Kathryn and William Macone, Peter, Kathleen and Matthew Macone, and Julia Case-Levine; sisters Ann Day of Fayston, VT, Alice Wiggin of Concord, MA,  Faith Field of Stow, MA, and Rebecca Listwon of Groveland, MA; many nieces and nephews, including Deborah Day Barnes of Gettysburg, PA and Alan Day (now deceased).
A memorial service will be held on August 29th in Brooklin, ME
                             IN MEMORIUM
Margot and her first husband, John Macone of Rockport, ME, moved to the Mad River Valley fromCalifornia with their two pre-school boys, Peter and Duz in 1959. In the summer of 1960 they built Alpen Inn on Rt. 100 South (now Yestermorrow). With styrofoam taped to ski poles and a deflated soccer ball, they started late afternoon polo on the Alpen lawn. It was a come-as-you-are with your backyard trail horse/pony event --------and as many ladies as gentleman played the chukkers.
The Macones were also instrumental in starting soaring in the Valley. Margot and Ann Day’s dad, Alan Bemis, and Steve Flemer, helped the growth of soaring, which had its beginnings at Esty’s airport (now Dick Kingsbury’s Excavating) and then moved to East Warren and became Sugarbush Soaring.
Margot was a gentle, compassionate person who always thought of others. She loved all creatures. I remember when we were growing up together at home she would mix sugar water in a bottle cap to feed the wasps that gathered on her sunny bedroom window sill.
She loved being home with her dogs wherever it was that she was living at the time, whether it was Mt Hood in Oregon, Switzerland, South Africa, or Waitsfield, VT.  Sometimes she and John, and later Phil, had as many as six dogs in their house. Peter spent his baby years with a litter of husky sled dogs to play with.
On their farm in Staunton, Virginia, Phil and Margot had every domestic animal possible from ducks to kittens to Russian Akel Teke horses, which they bred. I remember an old Akel Teke mare that had grown so old she was  blind and deaf. She was free to wander wherever she wanted to go around the farm. Margot would quietly walk up to the mare and speak to her in a soft voice. Then, holding the head in her arms, blow gently into the mare’s nostril.
Beautiful Margot, we wish you happiness and peace in your new place, where you will find all those animals that have gone before you.
                                                                             Your sister, Ann



Sandy Macone

Sam at 61

Sam at 61. Click on the photo to see her new web site!


Cleopatra and Sandy Macone Cleopatra and her father, Alessandro

Sandy at Fort Dix

Sandy at Fort Dix.