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Arrangement: Jack Colburne
Sung by: Lynn McKenna
Words and music by: Alessandro Macone


Kim Macone Winson succumbed to cancer and etc. on 19 May '06. She was Sandy Macone's oldest daughter, and a life long member of the Concord Junction Golden Redeemer Jazz Band. In the happy days she never missed a chance to join the outings whenever the group played for various charities in and around her hometown of Concord, Massachusetts.

(Lt. to rt. Peanut Macone, Reg Phillips, Kim Macone and Chick Mayo)

  kim joins elders
Baby Kim with a bugle Baby Kim lying down Kim and Michael head shots Kim in a crib Kim head shot Kim and her birthday cake Baby Kim sitting on the floor Kim with lobster traps Kim with Halloween pumpkins Kim and Michael with a llama

There are those in our lives who affect us most by how they live their lives. They teach us by example. Kim was such a girl. When she said, "Let's go!"; just like her dog, Styx, everyone was ready to jump in "Big Red" and barrel down the road to the next adventure ~ be it Concord, LA or... beyond.

How did Kim change your life? What adventures did you share with her? These are important questions! Sharing our answers helps us nail-down what she meant with her life. The legend is growing!

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In the foreground, Kim is serenaded by Dave MacMillan as the choir joins in the salutation: Don Warren, Chuck Laire, Linda Ferranti, Bill Anderson, Sam Abbott, Mark Pucci, Sandy Macone, Mike Volpe. The year is 1980. It was Kim's 21st birthday Kimturns21
Although she never longed for Motherhood, Kim loved children and quickly won their trust and affection. She is shown here with three visitors to the Blue Flower Lodge in Acton, of which she is an initiated member.   kimcamera  
Kim & skunk
  Kim would never let a dead animal rot. Here she is saving the pelt of a skunk while her pal, Sadie, looks on.


Styx was her buddy, and a fine sailor. Here they are enjoying a paddle on Stone Pond, New Hampshire. Kimberly had a mystical way with animals. Her senses stretched well beyond human capability.


Kim loved all things small and beautiful. Whenever she met people of other cultures: they became immediately aware of her native intuition.

One day Sandy got off a plane in LA and found a bench to wait for Kim to pick him up. Soon an Indian sat next to him. The man seemed to appear from nowhere. He carried no luggage... except for a small medicine pouch. He said he was on his way to San Francisco to find "the great man named Jerry Garcia". He had never been west and planned to trod the coast. Sandy said that his daughter would be along soon, and they could give him a lift to Malibu. They sat and smoked their pipes and reasoned about life, and of the Great Mystery.

The roar of a truck was heard. It was dicing its way through the tangle of LAX traffic. Taking the turn a bit to sharp the truck jumped the curb, stopping inches from where the men sat. Sandy turned to the Indian and said, "Joseph... meet my daughter, Kim."

The ride to Malibu was thrilling, and Joseph was enthralled by the many Babylonian sights along the way. When they reached the coast, they got out and sat on the tailgate to look at the sea. Joseph opened his medicine pouch and poured forth a small collection of sacred gemstones. He motioned that Kim should pick the one she liked best. She chose the smallest and least significant of the offerings. Joseph turned to Sandy, quietly and seriously proclaimed, "She is Lakota".

...And Etc.

Michigan club

Kim and her Michigan posse rode their Harleys non-stop for a visit to Acton on their way to the annual motorcycle meet in Louden NH. Though the trek was gay and fun-filled, she carried a sad message: She had lost her battle with cervical cancer and had but six months to live. She told us that she was going to "rough it out." She also told her Dad that she had purchased a 440 Magnum revolver. This ominous news was belayed and her "last ride" went on with great expectations.

Wolf tattoo

While at the meet in New Hampshire she had a tattoo penned on her arm that blended her love of Native American culture with that of her second love, Rastafari. The design she created was of a wolf whose mane was feathered and wound with the red, gold and green of her Rastafari faith.

Kim visited us one last time seeking herbal remedies that might ease the pain and lengthen her time in this dispensation. They did. She stretched her 6 month sentence into 2 years. She willed her body to medical research and went into total seclusion, except for a couple of friends and her husband. The medical treatments she endured took her hair and beauty, but she hung on until the decay and pain became unbearable.and all medical treatment & drugs; ineffective.

Kim's profession was upholstery. Her work is seen in countless restaurants in Massachusetts, California and Michigan. She upholstered boats and planes and everything in between. She painted and beaded, embroidered, and sewed and did all manner of other crafts with impeccable skill.

Kim had an indomitable spirit and the gift of natural clairvoyance that transcended the human experience. As a little girl her exuberance of life was unbounded, and her inventiveness of language was prophetically sublime. One day she came to the table after roughing it in the woods with her little playmates. I asked her if she had washed her hands, which were anything but clean. She replied, "yes." I asked, "when?. She cocked her and with a melting smile, asked, "Pretty soon ago?"

So these are a few of the things I know of my precious child; now grown old by the affliction of cancer and pain. In respect of her bequeathment to science, she chose not to use the revolver. At 11am on the 19th of May, 2006, Kimberly Ann Macone tied her last knot and quietly hung herself from a beam in her garage.

If some of you are reviled by the myth of purgatory, I will say this: Kim did her suffering in this life; not in some imagined scenario prescribed by old fools who know nothing of death, nor of the hereafter. In her 47 years she lived and loved her life in a manner that few ever experience.then showed the courage to finish her own life without encumbering we who love her with the agony she suffered. Kim was Kim. It was always her life to live as she pleased. It was her life to terminate when she saw fit. For that, her Father holds her as a beautiful and courageous woman who did no wrong.

Kim and Dad

The essence of greatness is the
perception that virtue is enough.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most people lie because they can't face the truth, or they figure they won't get caught. A small number of us lie maliciously. But a very select few have the ability to gracefully transcend the truth of any single situation and show us the dream beneath. In native cultures these are the storytellers. Kim is a storyteller.

Kim once told her dad, “Old people are easy - just tell 'em what they wanna hear.” That's the essential knowledge a storyteller must possess; knowing how to tell a story people want to hear. With a beer in one hand and a butt in the other, Kim made simple, everyday tasks an adventure, while they were happening, and in the stories told after.

Indeed her whole life was a continuing story that we are honored to share. Emerson once said, "We cannot say we have lived until we have experienced our death." Our death is our final comment - our final message - to the world of what our life meant to us. Kim's message was respect, especially for children and animals. She reflected that message with everything she did and every story she told.

Since Kim donated her body to science we have no standard ritual of mourning; nor would Kim want us to mourn her passing. Let's celebrate her through gifts that help children and animals. Pick a charity that you feel Kim would like to contribute to, or you can make a donation to Kids In Motion, the Haile High Scholarship Fund that sends graduates of our school on to college. We are establishing it in Kim's name. Because the school is in Jamaica your contribution is not tax deductible but you'll receive a copy of the video we are be producing with Kim's full story.

Beginning this year, Kim's birthday will be marked annually by a reunion of the "standing" members of the CJGRJB. This is appropriate for she was known for her lust of music and birthdays.
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