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The macone family in 1917

The Macone family in 1917 at Strawberry Hill.

Macone Family Reunion
Kim's 2 nd Annual Birthday Party

Here are a couple of photos from the 2007 reunion. Stay tuned for more photos from ’07 …

John, Bob & Nino
John, Bob, and Nino.

Peter, Sam & Mike at the barbie
Peter, Sam, and Mike at the barbie.

John (Alessandro's brother)
John Macone (note the Typical Macone Operation hat).

Unknown Macone 1

Recognize this Macone?
He's number 20!

Join us in Acton October 6th and 7th
Bring your music, food and love

Get together with uncles, aunties, and cousins.
Get to know the next generation.
Listen to all the tall tales of this exciting family
before there is no one left to remember.

Who is the oldest living Macone?
Who is the youngest?
How long has it been since you spent time with your family?

Schedule of events:

Informal Saturday afternoon
Dinner at restaurant of your choice with family

Sunday 11am on:
Bar-B-Que (Master Michael Macone & Company)
Games: Choice of badminton, bocce, baseball (yard rules)

Another Macone

Recognize this one?
Number 21.


Yet another Macone

What about this one?
The gorgeous number 22!

Click here for the
gory story of the bloody head!!

Lodging for out of town guests:

Concordian Motel
Hosmer and Route 2 in Acton
Single - $59
Double - $65

Best Western in Concord
(the old HoJo's)
Elm Street and Route 2
Single - $125
Double $135 & $145

Stow Away Inn
271 Great Road (Rt. 117) Stow
Single - $85
Double - $95

Macones That Attended:

Peter Macone & Family

Michael Macone

Robert Macone

Paul & Donna Macone

Jim Macone

Nettie Macone

Janet Macone Harrington

Alessandro & Sam Macone

Bob & Anne Macone Thelma & her son Nicky
John Macone  

Macones we've Heard From:

Michael Macone writes:

I talked to Peter on Saturday and on Thursday. I will go to his house on that day to meet his family and then I will drive down with him on Saturday AM. I will drop off the rental on the way through back at the airport.

I am planning on cooking Tri-trips and chicken on Sun. Will need what the head count is so I can plan.

Talk to you later.

Phil Lavorgna writes:

Thanks for the invitation … I enjoyed the card because I can see my grandfather in the back row with the moustache. He was custodian for the two elementary schools in West Concord for 33 years. My mother and aunt Mary and Grandmother are in the photo. I have two pictures of the Macone family. By the looks in them it was a death because everyone is in black. If you have any other pictures I would like some copies. We do have a cousin in Gaeta from the Macone family, her name is Evelin Matastasio … my daughter and family went to Italy and visited her.

Be sure to let me know how it goes and maybe a picture or two. Some one from the Macone family was doing research at the LDS library in Salt Lake City one time and called me but I can't remember who it was

Paul Macone writes:

Chief of the M'quid!

Sorry about the late reply. Was away for the weekend and I had a network glitch with this aging computer here at home. All fixed. I think. I told my brother about the gathering but he is getting old too, so he will forget like me....

Now I can't find my sister Janet's address. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. And mine is wasted.

I see that the gathering is a two day event. Is one day better than the other? Sounds like a philosophical question.... my daughter said she thinks she inadvertently deleted a message a couple of day ago from the answering machine and she thinks it was "Sandy" Y'all are the sole Sandy that I know so give me a call if this didn't answer the questions.

Paul (Chief of nothing)

Janet Macone writes:

Hi Sandy:

 So nice to hear from you! I will definitely go to your website (which I have seen before and am VERY impressed with your work!!!). Thank you for thinking of me and I look forward to seeing everyone!

 Thank you also for taking the time to see my Dad and check in with him! He always tells me about your visits or calls – you are very thoughtful!
 Thank you!

Thelma Macone writes:

Hi Peter,

Just received the invitation, Nick and I will be thrilled to attend. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Thank you for thinking of all of us.

Thelma Macone
Thelma (Fred’s wife) and Nick (my oldest son).

History of the Macone Family Reunion idea

Two years ago Duzzy (John Macone's son) traveled to Los Angles for business. While there he had dinner with his cousins: Kristen, Michael, Scott and Kelly. They had such a good time together that Michael decided to take his family east for a visit.

Shortly after he arrived, Duzzy came down from Maine with Cousin John Bott (Marianna). Peter showed up from Vermont and Sandy's brother, John C. and Cousin Doug came for dinner. A John Macone family reunion was underway.

Nell (Mike's wife) and Sam (Sandy's wife) watched the cousins from the kitchen window. Their enjoyment of each other's company was obvious. Even though it had been many years since they had been together their shared history drew them closer.

The following spring Kimberly (Sandy's daughter) passed. She loved being a Macone and stayed in touch with many family members, making personal visits often. She also loved birthdays… especially her own. Each year she declared October "Birthday Month" and big parties were planned. Summer Street in Acton was the scene of many of these stellar occasions.

Last October 7th we chose to continue this tradition in honor of her passing the previous May. Friends of hers from all over New England gathered to share memories. Everyone commented that it was the best party they'd ever attended.

With memories of the last reunion and Kim's birthday party last year echoing in our heads, we decided to celebrate October 7th with a big family reunion. We hope you'll be able to attend this weekend but if not, let us know what you and your family are doing so we can post it at the reunion. Send pictures, too! Maybe we can do it again soon. At least we can keep in touch through the Internet.

Macone Mug Shots!

Can you identify these Macones? Bring your answers to the reunion.


The macone family in 1917 with key numbers

Mugs-i   Mugs-q
mugs-1b   mugs g
mugs p   mugs o
  mugs e  
mugs f   mugs j
  mugs h  
mugs 1c   mugs m
mugs 1a   mugs k
  mugs l  
B and J mug   mugs mac
1954 mugs   1276 mugs
19 mug   36 mug
  mug 55  

And the Grand Prize is...

  name change  

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