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The Macone famil;y in 1905 at Strawberry Hill

The Macone family in 1907 at Strawberry Hill.
Alessandro is 2nd from the left. Maria is in the center in the black shirt.

Macone Family

The Story of the Macone's Immigration!

The Aller

Click here for the whole sordid story …

@Alessandro's Funeral

The Macone family on the sad day of Alessandro’s funeral. 
Top row, left to right: Mary and her husband, “Musty” Augustus, Margaret. 
Middle row: Anthony and Joseph, Mother Maria, and Augustine. 
Front row: Joseph, John, Teresa, Frank, Nicholas and his wife Margaret. 



For more details see John Macone

The Macone Family by Generation

Alessandro Macone


Maria Gracia Macone
Maria Gracia


Their Children (Born in Italy)

Mary Macone


Anne MaconeAnne


Augustus Macone


Nick Macone


Their Children (Born in USA)

Anthony Macone


Margaret Macone


Frank Macone




John Macone John


Teresa Macone


Augustine Macone


Joseph Macone


Winged Macones

The 280th Aero Squadron
The 280th Aero Squadron in Waco, Texas, 1917
Can you spot John Macone?

John Macone Sr. after a check ride in his bi-wing crate. “The hell with flying. I’ll never get in one of these things again!"

John Macone – Crew Chief of this Curtis Jenny JN4 trainer.

John climbing into a B-17G. The plane we used was a B17G ( without the chin turret or gun) The instrumentation for weather features, droplet size, density , snowflake form etc. was recorded on old "old" instrumentation in the plane synoptically with "test" primitive cathod displays on the ground. This was the development of the first ground weather radar. We had an Air Force crew and there were two of us civilians (MIT) to handle the weather radar stuff. Of course this was all analog stuff in the plane and it was before the advent or use of any solid state etc. My time with the project was while waiting to be activated (Reserve AF) in 1950 or 51. Plane naturally, belonged to the AF.


Bob Macone (left) commanding the Hanscom Tower in Bedford.
Notice the Goodyear Blimp on the runway. Macone:"Where the hell is he going?"
A B-24 owned by Col. Collings – the plane on which Rich and his son Jim rebuilt all four turbines.

"OLD 815"

Actual in air shot of Bob Macone's plane in WW 2, with Bob in the left seat.
He ditched this bird in heavy seas with 19 men on board and got all of them out safely with him being the last man through the hatch. All this with an enjured leg sustained in the crash. Then their rafts got them to an island in the China sea where they were eventually rescued by an Air Force PBY amphibian

Bob's C47
Bob's C47.

Jim and Richard repaired the forward machine guns on this B-17 for Col. Collings.
A plant producing B-24 bombers in WWII.



The belly turret of a B-24 bomber. This is where Peanut worked as an instructor at gunnery school.

One of the turbines restored by Rich and JIm.
Richard as a cadet
Richard as a cadet.
Richard and his crew
Richard and crew.
WWII Plane


Peter and John

John Macone and Najib Halloway
John Macone with Najib Halaby, a frequent flyer at Sugabush "Intenational " Airport in Warren Vermont.  Halaby is the former head of the FAA and President of Pan American World Airways.  He is the father of Queen Noor of Jordan.  Macone built Sugarbush Field which became a mecca to soar-plane pilots like Halaby.  John's sons, Pete and Duzie both soloed at age 14.
Captains Lillibeck, Blair, Callahan and Macone prepare to fly the Catalina (PBY) out of St. Croix. John is in the foreground.


Skitch Henderson in a Spitfire

Sam Macone with “Firefly”. “I don't think it can hover or fly backwards”.
John with Skitch Henderson and Jim Sheppard, FAA. Skitch flew Spitfires (shown) for the USAF during WWII. John has just brought the plane down from Canada with Jim Sheppard (right) At the time, Macone was currator of the Owl's Head Museum in Maine.


Bobby and Son

Bobby and Son standing before AT6 in hanger. The AT6 "Texan" was the primary training aircraft of WWII.

History of Macone Brothers, Incorporated

The Macone Repair shop
Click here for the full story.

Sandy at Fort Dix
Musty in World War I

In Service to America

Click here for the stories of Macones in the military.

Call for Photos & Stories!!

We need your pictures from last year … family photos … anything Macone-related for this web page. Send in your stories if you don't have any photos. What do you remember about the previous generations? Email your pictures and/or stories to Sandy!

2009 Reunion Featuring Lavorgna!

Sam with Antipasto
Getting Food
Under the Tent

Here are a couple of photos from last year’s reunion. Stay tuned…

John, Bob & Nino
John, Bob, and Nino.

Peter, Sam & Mike at the barbie
Peter, Sam, and Mike at the barbie.

John (Alessandro's brother)
John Macone (note the Typical Macone Operation hat).

Peter and Mike
Peter and Mike discover the joy of making garlic bread.

Thelma, Jim and Loraina
Thelma, Jim and Loraina

photo by
Janet Macone

Bob and Nick
Bob and Nick

photo by
Janet Macone

Paul and Sandy
Paul and Sandy

photo by
Janet Macone


Jim in a race car

Jim, in heat, at the Louden NH racetrack.

In front of the house

(left to right)John Lavorgna Sr., Phil Lavorgna, Mary Loring Williams, and Anthony Macone with kids.

Macone Mug Shots!

Can you identify these Macones? Bring your answers to the reunion.


The macone family in 1917 with key numbers

    Unknown Macone 1

Recognize this Macone?
He's number 20!

Another Macone

Recognize this one?
Number 21.

  Yet another Macone

What about this one?
The gorgeous number 22!

Click here for the
gory story of the bloody head!!

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