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Historical Landmark!

Professor David Bourne (shown mounted, but not stuffed) integrates the official posse of the “Old Spanish Days Fiesta” in the valley of Lost Angles.

Professor Bourne








     Bourne plays piano. Not occasionally, not just when he gets a gig – he plays all day, everyday! He’s played for over 20 years at the Magic Castle (the exclusive magician’s private club in Los Angles) and various saloons (most recently the Gem Saloon on HBO’s smash series - Deadwood). He also cuts piano rolls for Story and Clark. ‘Fess, as he’s known in Hollywood, conducts the Dawn of the Century Ragtime Orchestra, etc., etc.


A lifetime resident of California, The Prof is making his first trip to New England to play with the Concord Junction Golden Redeemer Jazz Band. He’ll also be at the Lowell Folk Festival where he is featured this, the year of the piano.



The Prof. with wife and
musical partner, Patty.

     “I’ve heard the stories about the Concord Junction for years,” he says. “Now it’s time to enjoy their unique spirituality. I’m looking forward to playing with this infamous musical aggregation.”







The ’Fess, an amateur neurologist, is shown here in his California garage relieving Sandy of a migraine headache.

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